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Welcome to the Bugg's WebMania Wav Collection!

Feel free to use any wavs on this page, only be sure to save them to your hard drive or to your own web space! If not, you may lose the file! For more information on saving files, and using files on web pages or in email signatures please see the tutorials section of this site.

Special Notice: Some wavs on this page contain adult content. Wavs that contain mildly offensive/adult language or subjects have been marked with an asterik (*).

Simpsons: Apooh 1999 97k
Cartman: I love you guys* 43k
Cartman: Screw you guys* 60k
911 unpublished number 80k
Cartman: Ghetto song 189k
Homer: Morons getting louder 45k
Mutley's Laugh 23k
Cartman: Scary 180k
TLC: Scrubs chorus 419k
Snoopy's Laugh 64k
Cartman: Screw you hippie* 3k
Alvin: B.J.* 65k
Cartman: Authoritah 27k
Cartman: Authoritah 2 10k
Cartman: B!tch Song* 510k
Cartman: Singing Blues* 55k
Cartman: Singing Blues #2 35k
Cartman: Best Friend 113k
Cartman: Slave song 86k
Cartman: Undercover* 60k
Chipmunk: Must hear, very funny!* 138k
Chimpunk: Snort Laugh 109k
Daffy Duck 41k
Daffy Duck #2 28k
Drugs are bad mmmkay 68k
Foghorn Leghorn: Don't call me a chicken 75k
Very funny! Great for chat rooms! 73k
South Park: Heartache song 42k
Cartman: Homeys 111k
Madcow 123k
PMS Line* 203k
Porky Pig: Son of a b!tch* 42k
porky Pig: Exit 16k
Rin & Stimpy: Talk Crazy 23k
Rin & Stimpy: Told you I would shoot 41k
Rin & Stimpy: Why don't you leave me alone 21k
Rupaul the red nosed reindeer 287k
South Park: Smoke crack* 114k
Cartman: Sweater* 112k

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