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Welcome to the Bugg's WebMania Buttons, Bars and More Collection

Welcome to the Buttons, Bars & More collection! As with all images on this site, all are free to all for personal use. Use on for-profit sites is not permitted. Please be sure to save any images you choose to your hard-drive, or personal webspace. You may lose them if you do not. For information on saving files please visit the tutorials section. In this collection you will find various sets of buttons, bars, and lines, and any images I couldn't catalog into any other category. Each collection of buttons includes 5 matching buttons (email, guestbook, sign, view, and blank). You may customize the blank buttons to suit your needs. Please see the tools page for a listing of sites where you may alter your buttons, if you do not have image editing software, or if you are using WebTv.

Note: All images on this site are original creations. They are offered for personal use only, and may not be used in other graphics/images collections. If you use any images from this site, a link back to Bugg's WebMania would be appreciated.

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Colored Gemstones Page 1
Colored Gemstones Page 2
Colored Gemstones Page 3

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