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Welcome to Bugg's WebMania Extras

In addition to the webpage and graphics content of this site, I would like to provide you with links to some terrific places on the web. Hey! This is Web-Mania after all, and that doesn't just mean "page stuff"! I think you'll enjoy these links, I sure have!

Web-Mania Extras
Virtual Insults
Terrific online insults! Send one today!

Blue Mountain Arts
Great online greetings with an enormous variety of free cards.

This is an awesome MP3 haven. Not those cheesy sites where you get unheard of songs from unheard of artists. Here you download a small program, then you join the Napster server. Search for the songs you like, then download them. Yes it's real, and yes, it is that easy! (Computer users only)

Yahoo Games
Play a variety of real time games FREE! Spades, poker, chess and more. It's live, it's free, and it's fun! Play with real players, or play alone! (Computer users only, requires Java support)

Download this free media player! Winamp has to be the best player I have used as of yet. Totally customizable, and totally free. Create play lists for all sorts of media (including wav, and mp3), edit equalizer functions, save your play lists, and much, much can even change skins! (Computer users only)
Looking for great IRC chat clients? Check out Download Pirch98, MIRC and many more. (Computer users only)
Hilarious online E-Zine!
Awesome site for quotes of all sorts! Random, famous, funny, you name it, they've got quotes!

Bob's Chat Links
Tremendous collection of IRC chat pages for WebTV users. (Sorry computer nerds, these IRCs are WebTV only)
Home of "The Rants", "Ask Mr. Manners", and more! Full of hilarious content.

The Free Site: Gags
Check out these super gags for your fellow computer users. But hey, don't blame me if you get knocked out for your tricks! (Computer users only)
I had no idea how many people played guitar until I started learning myself. This site has been of tremendous help to me in my learning, shopping and just-for-fun endeavors regarding guitar.
Sort of morbid...but hey, we all wonder when we'll die don't we? This clock can give you an average guess. Have a beer before you go...I was not looking forward to 2045 when I left that place!
This site is the best site for locating musical information I have come across. You can search by song title, album, artist and more for all sorts of information. Everything from reviews of music to listing of album tracks. This is great for people who are always saying "I know who sings it but I can't think of what it's called".

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