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Welcome to Bugg's WebMania Tutorials

Rather than writing my own tutorials, I have provided you with access to some of the best help on the web. The links on this page will direct you to pages and sites, hand chosen by me. If I haven't personally used the page/site, you will not find it listed here. I have gone to great lengths to supply links to the easiest, and most clear explanations on every related topic under the sun.

Please Note: If you are looking to customize blank banners, buttons, etc. You will want to check out the links on the tools page of this site. You will find image alteration tools there.

Quick Tip: SAVING
WebTv Users: You will need to transload any images you find here to your own webspace. If you do not know how to transload, please visit the link/s below to transloading tutorials. You may also check the tools page for links to actual transloaders.

PC Users: To save an image to your hard drive, simply locate the image you want to save. Right click on the image, and choose Save Picture As. Then you will be able to rename the image if you would like, and determine which directory on your computer you would like the image saved to.

Be sure to check the tools page for links to awesome stuff on the web! Everything from Guestbook services to banner creators!

HTML Tutorials
HTML Goodies Tutorials
HTML Primer
HTML for the Conceptually Challenged
Chris's HTML Tutorial Center
WarpSpeed: Using Bordered Backgrounds
Sizzling HTML
HTML Writer's Guild
HTML Tag Library
Dynamic Drive
HTML Tags/Attributes

Email-Signature Tutorials (WebTV)
Gifs123: HTML School
Basic Signature Series

JavaScript Tutorials/Scripts
Java Goodies
ZDnet Script Library

CGI Tutorials/Scripts

Cascading Style Sheets Tutorials
Mulder's Style Sheets
Sizzling Styles

Transloading Tutorials
Free Loader Tutorial
Transload411 (Starblvd. Tutorial)

HTML Related NewsGroups (Post and Answer Questions)
Alt.Discuss.HTML (WebTV Only)

The Professor has been one of the most helpful, supportive, and instrumental people in my quest to build better pages. I would like to express my appreciation for his knowledge, input, guidance and exceptional pages. Though his pages are optimized for WebTV users, the information found on his pages will be helpful to all looking for well written, well put together beginner's html information.

WarpSpeed has been yet another driving force behind my html adventures! Along with the Professor, I met WarpSpeed in a newsgroup which focused on html. He too has been an excellent teacher and his pages are supreme. WebTV users and computer users alike are welcomed at his site, and all will find a wealth of help and information.

My greatest thanks go out to John & Cathy for being such tremendous helpers and teachers. As with WarpSpeed and the Professor, I met John & Cathy in a newsgroup. You will find a variety of contents on their site from some very useful tools, to midis, and basic html tutorials. The site is easy to navigate, and extremely well put together! As with my other teachers, their site has my highest recommendation.

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