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Welcome to Bugg's WebMania Tools Links

Can you believe how many awesome sites there are on the net? There are tons! Finding those places can be a pain at times, so I have done my best to catalog links to a variety of very useful sites on the web. Of course, the links you will find here pertain for the most part to webpage creation, but if you're looking for some nifty random sites, just check out the Extras Page.

Below you will find links to sites from banner creators, to color palettes...and everything in between. If you know of a site that's a terrific resource for people, or if you maintain one, just drop me an email, and I will be sure to check it out!

Need some help? New at building pages or making awesome email sigs? Don't know how to transload? Want some cool new scripts for your pages? Check out our Tutorials Page!

Banner & Button Creation
Animated Button Maker
Instant Online Banner Creator
The Banner Generator
3D Logo Generator
Button Maker
CoolText Banners, Bullets & More
Banner Creator
Acme Label Maker

Image Alteration/Manipulation Tools
Image Magick
Gif Cruncher
Gif Optimizer
3D Text Generator

Page Utilities and Resources
Page Squisher
JavaScript Image Loader
HTML Validator
Watson Analyzer/Validator
Mad Rabbit's (WebTV resources only)
Link Check
Load Check
HTML Check
Spell Check
SubmitCorner: MetaTag Generator

Free Hosting Services
PhotoPoint (Online Photo Albums)

Special Search Resources
Lycos Media Search
Gif Search
MusicRobot Midi Search
MidiBot Midi Search
Clip-Art Search

Page Counters & Tracking Services
Extreme Tracking

Free WebPage Add-Ons
CoolBoard Custom Message Boards Add Search Capabilities
Free HomePage Joke Engine
ListBot: Custom Mailing List

Site Submission Services

Free GuestBooks

Transloading Services
Star Blvd. Transloader

Color Utilities & Charts
HTML Colors
Enormous HTML Color Chart
Visibone ColorLab
Color Tester

Free Fonts (Computers Only)
MediaBuilder Font Library
1001 Free Fonts

I would like to send a special thank you out to Ayla59 AKA Charmed. She along with many others has been not only a wonderful tutor, but a terrific friend. Since day one she has listened to my rants, raves, questions, you name it! She has always been more than willing to lend a helping hand, and I am very grateful for her friendship and help. Ayla has quite the interesting personality, she creates beautiful pages and her content is exceptional. WebTVers, you will love her F-Key, and I encourage everyone to stop by and see the other super stuff she has included on her site!

My special thanks go out to my pal Cooch. His humor has brightened my day on more than one occasion. WebTV users will find Cooch Online to be extremely helpful. It is the home to the "Titanic F-Key", an F-Key saver of enormous proportions. In addition, Cooch has a nice looking, well built site.

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