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Since you're here, you either want to know something about me, see what the hell I look like, or maybe if you're a really cool person, you want to know both. So either way, hopefully you'll find out all you care to know, and possibly then some.

The Story

I don't know how much of a story this will be, but here's the bio, take it or leave it. I'm 25 and live in Smyrna, TN about 15 mins. south east of Nashville. I go to college at MTSU and am majoring in English with a minor in Philosophy. My plans are to finish up on my bachelor's degree and immediately begin working on my master's degree. I intend to teach college as a grad-student while working on my master's, and to teach professionally at the collegiate level when I am finished.

If you chat with me you'll soon realize a few things: a. I am quite opinionated and outspoken, b. I type fast but typo frequently (hehehe), c. I give little concern to other peoples' opinions of me, d. I am far more intellectual than some might realize, and sex/drug/asl chat really bores me, and finally, e. I can be the ultimate sweetheart to the right kind of people. Point is, take me with a grain of salt, it's just my personality, we all have one you know.

Onto the pictures I suppose...


Again, 2-17-2001. This pose was not intentional... I normally don't do that sorta thing with beer bottles... heh.

Kind of a bad hair day... but what the hay, they can't all be good.

Sometimes I look sweet and innocent :evil grin:

I have a ton of other pics, maybe sometime I will feel inclined to add them... maybe not. Anyway, if you wondered why this page had "ladeebugg" in the url, I (LivingDeadGirl25), am the artist formerly known as LadeeBugg... if ya get bored and wanna check out my site, feel free... just a bunch of backgrounds and webpage type stuff :)

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