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And Even More Pics!!!

This is our great grandmother Sara Jane McDowell Maxwell and her son (our grandfather) Paul Maxwell holding Sara Maxwell 1949

This is Mary Frances Hughes better known in the family as Nanny. She was 18 years old in this picture. She always thought she was unattractive, and it killed me knowing that. I think she was an absolute doll! I just love these older pics!

This is Nanny in 1932, I sent you a larger picture of this in the mail, but it is one of my favorite pics of her. She just looks like the classic 30s woman here, I love it!

This is Nanny and Papa Maxwell in 1971

This is Papa Maxwell in June of 1964. Looks like he was proud of those fish!

This is our great uncle (now deceased) Sherman Maxwell (our grandfather's youngest brother) and Nanny as a young woman beside Paul Maxwell in 1935

This is Sara being held by her father Paul Maxwell and Nanny in 1949