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Family Pics

Casey, Sara and Nanny (our grandmother) 1982

Sara, Nanny, Jane and Polly

Front row: Nanny holding "little Jimmy" and our grandfather Paul Maxwell - Back row: Sara, Kathy and Polly holding Paul Lankford (we have three Pauls in our family, way confusing)

From left to right: Our great uncle Ross with wife Florence (Nanny's sister), Sara and Nanny sometime in early 80s

This is Sara at the sweet 16 age 1964

Sara in March of 1975 with her and Dad's dog Brandy (this was taken when Mom and Dad lived in Ross, Ohio)

Sara at 8 years old

Sara at 8 years old again

Sara at age 2

Nanny and Sara 1967

Sara at her wedding shower August 1971

Sara with a bear... no date or age on pic

Sara in front, in back are Kathy, Polly and Jane 1955

This is Sara in front, Kathy Maxwell, Nancy Harper (an old neighborhood playmate of the girls), and Polly Maxwell in April 1951