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Welcome to the Bugg's WebMania Backgrounds Page 1

Please give the page plenty of time to load. Pages with images always have longer loading periods, so please be patient! All backgrounds may be clicked to view actual file (in some cases the background may be larger than the thumbnail shown on this page). Please do not link directly to these files! For information on saving and/or transloading (for WebTV users) files, please see the tutorials section. Links to the remaining background pages are at the bottom of this page. Note: Several backgrounds on these pages are bordered backgrounds, I created these borders to be very wide so it should not be difficult to align your pages. For information on using bordered backgrounds, visit the tutorials section of this site.

Note: All images on this site are original creations. They are offered for personal use only, and may not be used in other graphics/images collections. If you use any images from this site, a link back to Bugg's WebMania would be appreciated.


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